Thursday, November 05, 2015

FOC :: Fire

Caught up with EL over tapas at FOC. Wanted to hear all about her treks through Sa Pa in northwest Vietnam and up Mount Bromo off Surabaya in East Java. It was just the two of us tonight. Opted to sit at the bar. It offers slightly more privacy than the open tables. Skipped most of the appetizers, went straight to the bigger bites and ordered in moderation. Hehehehe.

Yes, Catalan and Castilian Spanish (castellano) sound very different. Say for example the restaurant's name- foc means 'fire' in Catalan. In Spanish, it's fuego. 'Thank you very much' is moltes gràcies in Catalan, and muchas gracias in Spanish. FOC has just refreshed their menu. Catalan dishes. Happy to see familiar favorites still on it. Left it to EL to order. I was just very pleased to have the squid ink seafood paella. It was dependably delicious. Defnitely had to order the super tender octopus slow-cooked and chargrilled with paprika. Tossed in white wine with loads of garlic, the red prawns, while tiny, were sweet and nicely crunchy.

We were too full to get to dessert. Cheese counted, fosure. EL picked a hard cow's cheese that was fairly delicate. Went nicely with the fig jam and my last bits of gin and tonic. Always love the casual vibes of FOC. It can be crazy-noisy, but not too difficult to tune out. Great food and company! It was a good night out. 

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