Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Steaks at Wooloomooloo

There're decent steaks (beef) to be found in Singapore restaurants. Just gotta do a merry-go-round of whichever restaurant that doesn't screw up on any one point of the chain of operations. Previous restaurants that shone have degenerated. (Yup, like Bedrock Bar & Grill with harried service and rather disappointing dishes.) We simply pick another restaurant to pop to for steaks then.

I haven't got much recollection about Wooloomooloo Steakhouse in their previous locations. Now tucked away in a corner on the third floor of Raffles City mall or Swissotel the Stamford, it doesn't seem to lack diners. Perhaps it was 'restaurant week'. Totally forgot about that. That night, it was really packed when we walked in with no reservations. But at 9pm, there was easily a table for us.

Heard the food wasn't great at lunch during the so-called 'restaurant week'. But we didn't sign up for that, any sort of promotion or whatever, so shrugged off the negative reviews. Although theoretically, the restaurants' standards aren't supposed to differ that much. So far, from a casual glance at social media, it appears that restaurants don't seem to be able to keep up with their usual standards and set out 'not as nice menus' during 'restaurant week'. Almost as if the kitchen can't cope with the influx of diners or a full house at every meal service.

That night, we spied a table return a steak, and another returned a soup. Its steak tartare was also a bit weird, with black 'caviar' atop. Sure steak tartare could come with wedges/fries or crackers. I love it with crackers. Though it should ideally have this cheerful raw egg topping it off. Perhaps Wooloomooloo's version has eggs mixed within. Dunno.

Our orders came fine. No complaints. It's either that or my tastebuds are really off. Didn't care about wagyu. Ordered a regular Porterhouse and a fillet mignon. Both were done medium-rare as requested. Had sides too. For me lah. Had asked for the spinach and mushrooms to go easy on the oil and it was done so. The vegetables at the bottom of the little pot didn't drown in a pool of oil. I went to town with that big plate of hash brown, which came in the form of rosti with a golden-brown crust. YUM.

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