Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Supper at bochinche

Had many impromptu meals with friends and acquaintances I bumped into at various events at Writers Festival. Well, there's always a lull between sessions. Since I've been in a really sociable mood, it's easy to grab a coffee or a quick bite in a group. With so many people talking, I didn't exactly have to join in. Could just sit back and listen.

Glad for late-night dining options at boCHINche. After a while, I didn't want any more Teochew porridge, beehoon goreng ikan bilis or fishball noodles. Or worse, pizza and chicken rice. Really not a pizza person. Also ate many strips of fabulous spicy popiah at Maxwell Market.

The man and I haven't seen S and Y in ages. They flew into town for the festival, and we wanted a proper catch-up away from the events. Quietly snucked away from everyone and headed to boCHINche for supper at 10.45pm. The restaurant constantly re-invents its menu, keeping even frequent diners interested in its food. Their beef steaks work for us too. No wagyu. Yay. We're not fans of wagyu at all.

I simply wanted mushrooms and empanadas. Hurhurhur. Loved that the mushrooms came as fat juicy portobellos with gremolata. The empanadas had three choices of filling in beef, lamb and cheese. We all had different favorites. The man enjoyed the empanadas with lamb and the friends liked it with beef. Since each order came as two empanadas on the slab, we ordered a second round. Woohoo.

There were ox-tongue with salted egg, salsa verda and parmesan foam, grilled octopus with pea mash and mussels escabeche. I couldn't resist ordering a side of grilled peppers. Later on, a superbly tasty half a roasted chicken with rosemary and smoked garlic, and a satisfyingly thick juicy chimichurri burger easily filled up the hungrier stomachs. The meats were beautifully marinated, tender and cooked well. It was defnitely a happy meal.

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