Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A New Pair of Water Sandals

Being anywhere near the town center of Kuta or Seminyak irritates me to no end. But I needed a new pair of water sandals. Dive shoes wouldn't do. I also needed shops that would accept credit cards. My 10-year old sandals broke after being soaked for only two days. Gaah.

Three stores in Kuta had only BCA terminals which couldn't get a signal at the exact point of payment. It was infuriating. Ah, Bali and your familiar 'no signal for credit card machines, so cash only'. Finally found two other shops that also owned a Mandiri terminal but could only process Visa cards and not Mastercards. Zzzz. Same goes for the supermarkets. ARRRGH.

Since the credit card terminals finally worked at two shops in Kuta, I also bought extra socks and tees. Might as well. Then I don't have to be washing clothes every night. Rinsing with travel detergent and drying them will do. The clothes absorb so much perspiration that they stink so badly. Ugh. Not putting them into the suitcase till they get less smelly.

Found a pair that isn't sandals, and not exactly water shoes. Skechers walking shoes. They don't dry fast enough. But they will do. Lightweight, comfortable and wayy cheaper than any online listing! I already have dive shoes and I'd rather get a proper pair of Teva sandals which aren't available on the island. So in case I need to leave this pair of flexi-sneakers in Bali, it's okay.

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