Saturday, December 26, 2015

Byeeeeee This Year King County!

It has been such a wonderful trip for the man and I. Even though the man has been stuck at work for long hours, at least he enjoys what he does. We're thankful that the work portion has been productive. Quality time has been spent with friends, family, alone, and with each other.

Often the grey and wet days are dreary. We shrug it off and step out to dance in the rain. That's half the fun. If you stay long enough and wait, there'll be a period of endless blue skies and fluffy white clouds. That's when we seize the day. Literally. Carpe diem. Whatever plans that have been initially made for indoor activities (which could be dropped), are abandoned in favor of spending the time outdoors. Taken many long walks and breathed in all that crisp winter air.

Glad to have settled on a shorter route directly from Singapore into Seattle via Taipei on EVA Air. Although old planes are used for TPE-SEA-TPE sector, it's still a much more comfortable journey than flying through SFO or LAX. If we could somehow wiggle the next visit in summer, that would be fantastic. We see too little of your splendid summer sun, Washington State. It's about time we get a hardy car to drive the distances, go to the woods and mountains, and do those long treks.

We've created so many awesome memories. They're more precious than photos. I leave with a heart full of happiness, gratitude and a ton of warmth.

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