Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Counting Counting

The man zipped out to get the new Microsoft Band. He was super enthusiastic about it. I'm not sure that the man wants it solely for the fitness and sleep tracking portion. He's very excited by the fact that he could get his emails and messages on it too. He's ridiculously attached to his gadgets.

He offered to get me a Microsoft Band too, and I was like...NO. He asked if I wanted an Apple Watch. I was horrified. NO. Why the hell would I want things beeping on my wrist and having to charge that damn thing daily? He suggested a Fitbit. I was lagi NO NO NO.

Counting calories and steps. I'll never understand it. I think about calories and exercise. But I don't fret over the exact calories that go in or if I hit the maximum for the day. That kinda sucks. Why would I want to be held hostage to another gadget? It's adding another cable to my life that I need to port around even when traveling.

It's a fitness tracker. It's useful for people who want it. Not for me leh. Wearing a fitness tracker wouldn't spur me to do more. There're daily sessions of either pilates or laps in the pool. Often, there's parkour or a sprint. Also, I walk a lot, by Singapore standards, even in the heat and humidity. I'm not very bothered to track how much exercise I'm doing. I only know it's enough. I sleep damn well, not overweight, am fairly fit; not sitting in an office chair all day, my medical is clear and most importantly, I eat very well. Alcohol intake, in spite of what people think, is very controlled. That's my peace of mind.


Lyn Lee said...

I have totally jumped on the fitbit bandwagon, ho ho! I can't believe I'm wearing a wristband to sleep, but at the same time I'm so fascinated by the sleep tracking. Interesting to see my quality of sleep each night.
Though after initially trying my darnest to 'hit' those 10k steps daily, I figured it's not quite a real measure of exercise, esp if it's not a brisk walk... quality of steps not just quantity!

imp said...

you were already so diligent in your runs before you wore the fitbit (at least from your post)! okay i gotta ask, how IS that quality of sleep tracking thing doing? Does it really work?