Monday, December 21, 2015

The One-of-a-Kind Cat Book

Bought Ciye Cho's 'The One-of-a-Kind Cat Book'. Declined Ciye's kind offer of a complimentary digital copy for review. You know I don't do this on the blog. I'd prefer to pay for a service or buy a book, especially if it's a genre I'm inclined towards. For this book, once you PayPal via the author's website, it's a download of a 20.8MB PDF file. Easier done via a laptop/desktop. Oeh, please don't just send the file around. Buy the book. At S$3, recognize the writer's efforts and creativity hor. In case you're wondering, the file isn't animated. Same as the comics online, like Star Wars Expanded Universe (and have a guess at Rey's parents).

Filled with 16 entertaining snippets about different felines, they've been personified and integrated into familiar characters we know today- from celebrities to the average person, murderers and criminals and cute things. Cats really aren't very different from us... oof. I've always leaned more towards cats than dogs. Heh. So many good ones. Let's pick a few to highlight.

We first follow 'The Diva', a glamorpuss actress Catalina Deneuve. She is a erm feisty cat, and like all Hollywood creatures, bears a long list of alleged misdemeanors and scandals. Read enough and watch enough E! Online and you'll be able to put a celebrity of sorts to each controversy. So many references to film and Hollywood! Heh. Totally takes a dig.

'The Amazon' details the thoughts of explorer Dr Franklin Werner who's in the Amazon, and his 'acquaintance' with an ocelot cub he nicknamed Ozzie. After watching the cub grow, in the end, Dr Werner didn't try to trap him in the name of research. Therein lies the connudrum of scieknce, discovery and perhaps eventual protection of the natural environment. At least that's what I'd like to see. And not discovery leading to poachers and extermination of a species.

In 'Svalbard', the locals have a legend about The Rainbow Cat who appeared have called the tourist-photographer Davey away from the human world and into the enchantment of the auroras. Heehee. All the legends of the northern lights. 'True Crime' is a sobering reminder that in the lure of money and fame, cat and human both lose their moral compass. Of course it ends with the human dead. It couldn't be otherwise.

I managed to pick a favorite! 'Murder Kitties' is such a hoot. All that about your cats trying to kill you. A trio of kittens who were rescued (from a human who tried drown them) exhibited psychopath streaks at the shelter- Sprinkles, Sammy and Stevie. They poisoned, suffocated their adoptive owners. They seem to like making a pentagram of cupcakes as their signature at each murder. I was immensely tickled! The story ended on such a predictable yet satisfying note. The only way it could end. *cue evil cackles* The accompanying illustration totally aided our interpretation of how it ended. How clever.

The stories were fun, many wicked and very relatable. While it's titled such, it isn't really about cats. Besides the words, I enjoyed the illustrations of all the cats and the layout of each snippet. It follows the narrative style of each- it could a journal entry, a string of letters, a webpage, a newspaper report, etc. The beauty of the e-book lies in its layout and rich colors without being compromised by the costs of printing it in full color on paper. Love those color swirls. You know, if only I live in WA. Some brownies and chocolates would be so good with it. 

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