Monday, January 11, 2016

Egg Noodles at Bang Rak

Bangkok's Bang Rak area has many street food stalls pretty similar to what Singapore hawker centers offer. Didn't bother about which shop sells the best of whatever. Everything seems to be good enough here, as long as it isn't done up too fancy. Popped into a corner coffeeshop at the intersection of Thanon Si Wiang and Charoenkrung Road. Near famous congee shop Jok Prince.

This coffeeshop's main tenant/stall/landlord is Phet Yang Nai Sang (เป็ดย่างนายสร้าง). It sells wonton noodles and roast duck. Ordered a bowl of wonton noodles and roast duck over egg noodles. The man loved the roast duck and wontons. He considered eating another bowl except that we were to meet the friends for a late lunch at Le Du. This meal was pure greed. The noodles were mainly eaten by yours truly, along with the gravy, chives, onions and chillies. Hahaha.

I really really really love the thin egg noodles that are kinda al dente. I eat wonton noodles totally for that. Thai style egg noodles are called 'ba mii' (บะหมี่ไข่). The char siew and wontons are usually dumped, even if they're good. Not very interested in them. Hurhurhur. Skipped the soup too. I don't doubt that there's already plenty of MSG and pork lard in them.

Dessert was this shaved ice ball (น้ำแข็งใส, naam khen saay) from a little stall within the same coffeeshop- โบ๊ยเกี๊ย เจ๊เนี๊ยว (น้ำแข็งใส). I've no idea what the English name of the shop is. It's like...named after two sisters. There're about a thousand dessert shops in Bangkok, obviously everything is sweet and I pay desserts very little attention. The man ordered a bowl. Didn't know if the man was eating it for the ice or for the sugar.

Phet Yang Nai Sang Restaurant
Charoenkrung Road Soi 44, Bangkok 10500 
(at the intersection of Thanon Si Wiang to Charoenkrung Road)

ซอยซอย ซอยเจริญกรุง 44 ถนนศรีเวียง สีลม บางรัก กรุงเทพฯ 10500

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