Thursday, January 14, 2016

Khompastr Hua Hin

L needed to buy fabrics. I was curious enough to go along. Went to Khompastr in the town center of Hua Hin. The shop is spacious and welcoming with air-conditioning that buffered us from the brutal heat of the afternoon. Beautiful cotton fabrics in traditional and modern Thai designs. I love it.

The shop accepts credit cards. Hurrah. Otherwise I wouldn't even bother browsing through their wares. The cash I brought is only sufficient for easy food, tips and groceries. It's not meant for any sort of shopping. I don't usually bother with 'shopping money'. These kind of holidays aren't meant for that. Shopping is to be done online. Time is to be spent on doing fun activities and acquiring new experiences.

Fabrics are fabrics. They've quite a wide range of colors and patterns. Great for purchase if you have the luggage weight and space, and a tailor at home who could turn flat cloth into a dress or a cushion cover. There were some cute cushions, tea cosies, bags and various accessories. L got all the fabrics she wanted in the varying dimensions. There were clothes too. Blouses, dresses and pants. Found pants and tops I didn't mind taking home as souvenirs. Souvenirs that I would wear. These souvenirs won't bust the S$600 Singapore Customs limit. YAH I'M NOT PLEASED ABOUT THAT. ESPECIALLY THE PORTION ABOUT GIFTS WHICH MAKES LITTE SENSE.

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