Tuesday, February 09, 2016


Violently dislike my birthday falling on the eve or first two days of the lunar new year, which is ironic, considering I was born on the third day of the lunar new year. ANYWAY. Luckily this year's date fell on Day Two of the lunar new year, which is thankfully better because Day Two is designated to visit the people I want to visit, instead of being obligated to do so.

The good friends carried on in the usual quiet fashion of sending much appreciated texts and cards, and not making a fuss, and donating to their choices (and some, mine) of charities, as well as making precious hand-made items. BUT SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE IN TOWN THIS SEASON REFUSED TO LET THIS DAY PASS QUIETLY.

It was a strange day of being plied with wine. At lunch for dessert, there was a bottle of White Chocolate Fortified from Gralyn Estate in Margaret Valley. After that, it was (oddly) choices of Italian wine all the way. Besides Argentina, Italy's probably the other country that produces wines I'm familiar with. There was my favorite Sassicaia in the year 2008 in copious amounts. Then many bottles of lovely mellow Chianti from various regions followed.

N even made her mom whip up a Peranakan-style popiah lunch for us. Replete with the popiah skin made with eggs. OMG. To ensure the skins remained piping hot, N's mom even grilled the popiah skin in batches to exactly match the timing that we ate it. Had thought it would be like, people would be visiting and lunch plus all other food were part of the 'open-house' idea, but no leh. It was just us! I was stunned and rather overwhelmed. It requires an enormous amount of effort to dice and slice and prep all the ingredients! This version held no meat except for prawns and crabs. No peanuts either. None of us at this table like popiah with peanuts. Even though I wanted to eat ten popiahs, the stomach only managed to hold five. The homemade (of course) crunchy achar on the side was amazing.

Later over at D's, I was totally surprised by her chocolate-whisky cake. All that effort in the humidity rushing about to bake it in the morning before her guests descended in the afternoon. That, after a full first day of entertaining other guests. The cake is so dense, and so good. Reluctantly shared with people present. Hahahaha. My goodness. Of course I made sure there was cake left to tapau home. Hurhurhur. A good chunk is now sitting in my fridge. Totally finishing it. Not really feeling like sharing.

And in the night, when all of us were stuffed from too much food, SOME PEOPLE still insisted on having dinner!!! I glared at the man who shrugged and disclaimed all responsibility. If he couldn't shout down the plan, it was very likely to be everyone's idea, egged on by the BFF. Wah lau. How to find a decent not-too-noisy non-Chinese-food restaurant on Day Two of the lunar new year??? Settled on Basilico because the style of buffet is less frazzling- the appetizers and desserts are done buffet style, but the mains could be separately chosen (instead of laid out at a communal line), nicely cooked and served hot to the table. When our mains arrived, I realized I forgot to bring a camera. DOHH. Being the kind of friends they are, they sniggered and said, "ORRRGHHH......No camera! This dinner didn't happen, it's the end of the world!" Zzzzzzz.

What would I be without these friends?

You crazy awesome people who've managed to make sentimental tears well up here and there today. Thank you.

Said splendid chocolate-whisky cake with the cutest candle.


jo said...

T'was a fulfilling day spent with friends and loved ones :)
Happy birthday!!!
(if we're going by Alaska's time zone, i'm still in time!)

imp said...

all wishes accepted with thanks!!! MUAKS.

Unknown said...

Glad you had such an awesome day! We lurp you deep deep mah, so wanted to see your face still. :D

Wahaha was very amusing to see all of us eagerly volunteering to help finish the choc whisky cake and you blithely ignoring us.


imp said...

b.muse: In my defence, I was late and had no time to pack small portions for y'all to taste okay! Hahahahaha. XOXO

Lyn Lee said...

Happy birthday! Noah's ark candle too, wow!

Cavalock said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Hey, which reminds me, I know this might sound weird but I (still) got a ton of vintage Nat Geo mags from the 60s to 80s, that I'm giving out free to friends on birthdays (month/year) or to their friends if they want. Gave a bunch out last year. Let me know you like some, can give to your friends or relatives. Most still in excellent condition. :)

imp said...

lyn: i LOVE the candle! quickly blew out before it totally melted and now it sits on the shelf as a keepsake for the year. :)

imp said...

cavalock: Heh. Naah, not weird at all! But I also have A TON of Nat Geo! I've been this loyal subscriber since I was a kid! (Also, super old issues of Reader's Digest.) I'm good for now though. Will holler if anyone wants, and you still have them.

D said...

Happy birthday, Imp! The perfect way to celebrate a birthday is with people you love! And with their food, made specially for you! :D

imp said...

D: thank you!!!