Saturday, February 27, 2016

Commercial Popiah

Certainly not about to make my own popiah (薄饼). I can theoretically do it, except for the popiah skin, which I might stick to buying. But the entire idea is too exhausting. Imagine all that dicing, slicing and grinding. Ugh.

My default for commercial popiah is a little stall at Maxwell Market literally named 'Rojak・Popiah & Cockle' (罗惹・薄饼・鲜蛤). The stall also sells rojak, cockles and tofu puffs (豆卜). I'm not too hot about the rojak. I love popiah and tofu puffs, and eat them quite a lot. Not too oily and extremely satisfying. Heeeheee.

Never cared about only going to the best stall selling whatever. As long as I'm okay with it, it's fine. This stall does very decent popiah, and is conveniently located. It opens slightly before lunch till about 9.30pm. Not sure if they open later. I've gone by at 10pm and they were closing up, but I've also popped by at 10.30pm a few times, and they still had the last rolls of popiah to sell.

This stall's popiah skin is a tad hard. I'm fine with it. I think it's because the skins are left to stand and not used when they're piping hot. Popiah taste nicest freshly rolled. I've tapau-ed from the stall and ate it an hour later. It's pretty okay too. Two rolls suffice for a meal. Three, if I'm really hungry.

Their standard version of popiah comes with peanuts. Not hot about peanuts. I usually ask them not to put it in. Don't mind their sambal too. Spicy enough. Would sometimes ask for additional sambal for an extra kick. Mmmm. The woman rolling the popiah is so fast at it that it's fascinating to watch her. It takes some skill, or rather lots of practice to roll the popiah tight so that the knife could slice through, and the shape and filling remain snug.

Rojak・Popiah & Cockle (罗惹・薄饼・鲜蛤)
Stall No. 56 at Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore 069184
Hours: 11.30am to 9.30pm ; closed on Sundays

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