Sunday, February 21, 2016

Dark & Mysterious

Y gifted me a gorgeous homemade jar of almond butter made with 85% dark cacao and a sprinkling of sea salt. She asked her mom to bring back to darkest percentage of cacao possible from Germany.  Hahaha. I like my chocolates like that. Preferably 80% cacao content and above. Like this, few people will want to steal my chocolates.

In her Instagram post, she described it as "Dark and mysterious". What beautiful colors. That shall be the name of the jar and all subsequent jars if I should be so lucky.

Y busied herself all morning to churn out a jar. She wanted to make it "as fresh as possible". It's quite a lot of stirring in stuff. It's dense and heavy. She had a lot of problems with the taste. Dunno why. Something about it being creamy. I don't particularly care. I like it- not that wet and creamy, totally not sweet, but full of nutty goodness and still moist on bread or crackers. Kept the jar in the fridge and it hardened a little. Just scoop out desired amount onto a plate and it thaws out quick to original consistency.

This is fine with bread, or as a topping for my usual granola and milk/yoghurt. No guilt having it at breakfast, or even as a little snack in the night. It's that awesome. What the man has been doing, is stealing a huge tablespoonful straight out of the fridge, and licking it clean. Hurhurhur. That works great fosure.

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