Thursday, February 11, 2016

Leather Pouches

Clever and talented M made me a trio of leather holders. They're not meant to be a set. Hand sewn, her stitches are ridiculously neat. These leather holders are perfect for all sorts of purposes.

Pouches are useful. They go into all my bags. I especially appreciate the handmade ones. There's always a reason to swop out pouches daily. Best when I have them in different sizes and materials. Of course they don't need to be used together. Often, I also need water-resistant ones. I do end up using ziplock bags when I don't have a small-enough dry bag.

M called one a 'bak zhang' because of the triangular shape. Like a dumpling. Oof. It's a clever little pouch. Practical, soft and squish-able, it fits quite a lot of stuff and can go into even not-too-slim clutches. Really fun.

There's a card-holder without slots in olive green. Works great. All the cards can sit together. I don't own that many cards. I dislike grabbing membership cards of retail shops or wherever. If the discount is simply 10%, then I'd ignore it. I never buy that many items from a single store anyway. Unless it's a mall card or something. The last one is a bigger flat pouch in deep red with a zip, say about A5 size. The notebooks and pens, cables and all that fit in nicely.

What beautiful handiwork and so much effort to sew! Working with leather is taxing on the fingers. Thank yooou so much for these wonderful holders. Love 'em.


Su-Lin said...

They are pretty and so handy!

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