Thursday, February 25, 2016

OLA Cocinca del Mar

Hopped in for a convenient lunch at OLA Cocina del Mar  and found their iteration of Spanish food pretty decent. The restaurant has been around since late 2012, but because it's located at Marina Bay Financial Center (Tower 3, ground floor), it's not exactly along the way to any where I frequent after 6pm. Didn't feel like going into CBD after hours. Now I'm making more jaunts to the area for day meetings, so it makes sense to hop in.

We visited after all the major shifts to the ownership, and with Peruvian chef-owner Daniel Chavez at helm, the open-concept kitchen seems like a pretty fun place to work in. They do seafood, and as long as they get fresh imports, it isn't too difficult to grill it tasty, with lots of Peruvian influences to the Spanish recipes.

Lunch had to be light with little carbs so as not to fall asleep at the desk after! That's crucial for V that afternoon. Heheh. My next meeting was an easy brainstorm session that would keep me awake. We had a hamachi carpaccio, then a lobster salad, and a tagliolini of seafood aglio e olio with bits of crab meat and seared hamachi. Perfect for a not-so-light meal.

We watched the going-ons in the kitchen. There were so much attention and effort paid to every step of cooking and plating the specials of the day over and over again for different diners. Needless to say, the company's awesome. I was pleasantly surprised by the food and how delicious the dishes turned out. Loved the use of lime, tomatoes and onions. Zesty. Made the dishes really appetizing.

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