Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Potluck and A Jam Session

Potluck is always such a good idea for gatherings. Less stress for the host and guests feel slightly less 'pai-seh' for crashing a pad. Best if the hosts have a dishwasher. Even less guilt about cleaning up. Heh. We hit up J and L's for dinner. Everyone brought something, homecooked chicken curry and vegetarian lasagna, as well as store-bought awesome deep-fried prawn-paste chicken wings, braised duck and tofu. The hosts did a tasty lor bak with quail eggs (Teochew braised pork belly in dark soy sauce).

The man and I had just gotten back; he had papers to review and couldn't do food prep. That left me to sort out the dishes to contribute to the potluck. *GULP* I did the easiest items. Marinated pieces of chicken in curry powder, spices and yoghurt. Then threw them into the oven. Tandoori-inspired chicken. A total no-brainer. Didn't even use any recipes. Hahaha. The second dish was even more champion- Asian fried rice. Didn't even need to think! 750grams of brown rice had been cooked a day earlier. I only had to wok-fry them with silver fish, eggs and onions. LOL. I assure you it was edible. #impieCooks2016

That night at J and L's lovely space that's seriously sound-proofed, we stayed till 2am. The guys were creating such a racket on the guitars. It's almost a given that the hosts of any potluck in our group owns many guitars, amps and thingamajigs. Took turns to head out to check the noise volume. Couldn't hear a thing. Whewwww. Luckily the singing wasn't off-key because the drinking was fairly moderate. By and by, N finished her whisky, swopped out to water, eyeballed me and whispered, "It's 1.30am and these guys don't seem to want to leave!!!" Tsk. We rounded up everyone and kicked them (and ourselves) home.

OMG. Poor J and L must be so exhausted by these guests who refused to get out and kick up such a ruckus with three guitars and two amps. We roundly terrorized the dog. It was a beautiful night of food, friendship and songs. Happy memories made and kept. #TheWeekOurChildhoodMusicHeroesAndSnapeDied

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