Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe

Thanks to the friends' tip, we trotted down to Aljunied Avenue 2 to check out Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe. It's been around for a while, including an outlet at Jalan Besar. They update their facebook page pretty frequently. Sited in a kopitiam, they don't seem to turn on the air-conditioning for its indoor area. It was stuffy. Even the servers told us it was hot inside. Most people sit outdoors. Erm, there's a huge altar indoors. Sit away from it if you're uncomfortable. Unfortunately the only table left outdoors was smack in front of the altar. It made me a tad uneasy.

Loved how the kitchen didn't tone down the spices or went easy on the chillies. The som tam with salted egg was so legit that I seriously considered ordering a second plate. Awesome to know that it serves good som tam. Another place to eat som tam besides going to Golden Mile Complex. Was also happy to see a cha-om omelette on the menu. Yeah, a ton of oil is required to get the egg to that fluffy texture. Once in a while I can't resist this sort of omelette. Heh. We didn't feel like having rice, so stir-fried seafood glass noodles (tang hoon) formed the carbs for the meal.

The catfish in tom yam soup was so well done! Cooked in soup, finished and served over a charcoal pot, it was piquant and absolutely delicious. Not a hint of that mud that's characteristic of river fish, and a catfish at that. The lime, galangal and spices helped loads. There was a wee bit much garlic though. An extra bowl of soup came along. Poured that in halfway through and finished it all.

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