Friday, February 05, 2016

Table for Three

Ah I miss sitting down with these two women! I see them a fair bit separately and they see each other often enough. But to get together as a trio, that's tough. Tougher so for dinner. What a lovely evening together at La Ventana. The heavy rains that blanketed the island all afternoon stopped in time so that none of us were drenched getting to Dempsey Hill.

Chose the 6.30pm slot so that we could have a longer night out. Time simply flies by too fast when we hang out. Ordered in moderation. The portions were fine for two, on the average. But we don't eat much, so three to share the food was perfect.

The omelette with onions and tomatoes was great! Fluffy and juicy. Heh. The slow-roasted octopus with Spanish smoked paprika was surprisingly delicious. Loved the black rice. Squid ink, slipper lobster and clams. Loved it! I can never say no to paella. Plenty of food to share. There were meats of crispy suckling pig with strawberry salad, and an Angus-fed Josper roasted 'chateaubriand' tenderloin with loads of potatoes. Grinned at the menu description for the beef. They had to state it's a Josper grill/oven. :P

We were too full to consider dessert at the restaurant. Kinda too fancy and too many flavors going on. Considered a cheese platter but that was a tad filling. BUT, apparently there was space for ice-cream at The Daily Scoop. *cue major eye-rolling* Opted for red sangria instead of wine. That was effectively my dessert. Sangria is sweet!

What fabulous company. Thank you for the awesome presents. And this crazy happy card with its monsters from an illustrator I'm very fond of, and the most touching words penned. Much love, S and A, thank you for the gift of friendship.

Illustrated by Dana Zemack.

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