Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Books & Beer #35

Just as well we missed the last one at The Belljar. Didn't have enough books. This installment of Books & Beer was held at Highlander at Chijmes. Found a small pile of books and journals that should be welcomed by other readers. Lugged them to the venue. Couldn't quite believe we had so many books to give away again. My brains must have conveniently forgotten how many books we have and kept on buying every month.

The book swap was in full swing when we arrived at 5.15pm. Found the ink stamp that stated "Proudly swopped at Books & Beer Singapore", stamped our own books and put them out on the tables. Had a number of titles by Zadie Smith and Iain Banks which are apparently still popular authors. Didn't even have time to prop the books for a photo before half was taken away. Yay.

I didn't find any interesting titles this round. Sat and chatted with friends instead. The man found one. 'The Lola Quartet' by Emily St. John Mandel. I've read it a few years back. Quite unlike him to pick it up- a dark little tale of the city, mysteries and murders. Haha. He usually reads...rather literary and cerebral stuff.

Luckily we didn't need food. It was a crowded afternoon. Highlander was severely understaffed. The one server couldn't get to everyone. Even though we went up to the bar to order drinks where there were two other servers, it was still slow. Skipped the whisky and took beers.  Of course the beer barrels had to run empty when it was our turn. Zzzz. Rather decent ale and lager by Archipelago.

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