Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Mr and Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata

The man is always keen to try out new eateries or the 'best' of whatever. I always roll my eyes. If it isn't for the tremendous amount of butter and pure carbs in roti prata, the man would have gone down this list of 50 best roti prata in town sooner.

He had to choose a Sunday to swing by Mr and Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata at Joo Chiat. HORRORS. His logic was- we had just completed a climb and burnt enough calories to justify eating roti prata and curry for lunch. Okkaaaaay. Luckily for us, parking lots were easily available when we didn't mind walking 10 minutes to the kopitiam. Even luckier to get seats immediately because somehow, our 10.35am arrival timing saw tables leaving.

The wait for prata is long. Almost silly. Yes, yes, I understand this stall makes their dough and flips prata piping hot and fluffy. But on weekends, it's a 40-minute wait at the fastest. There're just too many orders. Mrs Mohgan keeps a neat list on the wall of who ordered what and who's next in line. The wait was bearable because it was a breezy Sunday morning, and we wisely and greedily ate wonton noodles to entertain our stomachs first.

Hock Thye Noodle House (福泰麵家) shares the premises. I was mildly curious about its wonton noodles. The nice woman who shared our table (obviously a regular at the kopitiam) encouraged us to try it because "it's really good!" While waiting for the prata, we greedily ordered a plate, and a bowl of dumplings.

The slices of char siew were all right. If you're a wonton (云吞) or dumplings (水饺) person, you'll like this stall lots. The skins were beautifully thin, filled with minced pork and bits of water chestnut. I didn't quite like it that much. Something about the ratio of sauces in the gravy that didn't do it for me. That morning was a bit mad for the stall owners. The noodles weren't al dente enough; the chilli wasn't even spicy. The wonton noodles would probably taste a lot better on a week day.

OH. THIS. Never ordering coffee here ever. The kopi-o-siu-dai at the kopitiam that Sunday though, was of a can-die quality. It was sour, thin and gross. YUCKS. Had three mouthfuls and left it aside. Bad coffee makes me grumpy.

Dunno where I found space to stuff so much carbs. The roti prata IS STILL GOOD. Indeed super crispy, full of butter and so tasty. Its dalcha and fish curry are both decent. Forgot to ask for the sambal curry. The stall's been around for at least six years. I've had its prata at some point, but haven't come by here for eons. Now that I've tried it again and know its standards are consistent, I'll only return at odd hours on weekdays. The weekend crowds and wait are unpleasant. There're other places to get prata which are just as good, and less of a wait.

Mr and Mrs Mohgan's Super Crispy Roti Prata
7 Crane Road, Singapore 429356
Poh Ho Restaurant (寶和餐室; no air-conditioning)
Hours: 6.30am to 1pm. Closed on every third Tuesday and Wednesday
T: +65 9794 3124


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