Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Sunnies for Missy

Just like that we've come to the end of another set of school holidays. A short week. But Missy still wanted Ed the Bear to go stay with her for a bit. Lucky Bear! All right then. Off Ed the Bear went in a new haversack for the almost eight-year-old. He met the little girl's new friend named Boo (the rabbit in Belle and Boo).

It was also time to get Missy a new pair of sunnies. Something to match her parents' stylish aviators. She has totally outgrown toddler sunnies. Y rolled her eyes so far back and was like..."No no no, she doesn't need sunnies." I was all like, "Yes yes yes, she does." Hahahaha. That's what 'aunties' are for innit? Do fluffy things for little girls. :P Especially this little girl who has been awesome and has eased into Primary Two okay; slightly more exhausting, bit more work, but doing all right.

Gotta get Missy a proper pair of sunnies that she could scoot in and run about with. I can't just randomly buy it for her. Needed the girl to be right there to make sure it's all balanced on her nose bridge, ears and it sits well. Missy picked out the colors and style. Awwww. Yes. With all the activities that kids do in the sun, in addition to sunscreen and a cap, a good pair of nicely-fitted sunnies is essential. She definitely rocked the pair of RayBan Junior Wayfarer. WOOOHOOO.

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