Thursday, March 03, 2016

Precious Gifts

During the lunar new year, I always look forward to precious gifts of achar and buah keluak. I deep freeze so that they last for as long as possible. I can't cook them. Or rather I don't want to go through the pain and effort of making them. I depend on the goodwill of friends. Luckily they love me. Hurhurhur. The MIL also receives gifts of food from her relatives which also include buah keluak and occasionally, achar. That makes a double amount of supplies. Woot.

I'll always scoop up a little to taste, then keep these gifts till way after the lunar new year, breaking them out bit by bit for random meals here and there. But they are kept for no longer than six months lah. Although the freezer works really well, food ought to be finished up as soon as possible. As it is now, I'm dragging it out really long. They've always tasted all right.

Of course the item that keeps well deep frozen is said buah keluak. It doesn't turn foul or sour.  Can't do that for achar. Freezing achar does mean fermentation is paused, but being soaked then thawed out doesn't make the vegetables crunchy anymore, and it even smells a bit funny. The chiller works fine for these bottles. I try to finish up achar within two weeks. Luckily not all the bottles of achar come in at the same time, and I could spread them out. Some arrive before the lunar new year, a few come during, and others come a week after. Woot. Otherwise I would be eating nothing but achar all through March! Hehe. Achar comes in all colors and all versions. Every family does it differently. I like mine crunchy. Don't need it spicy. It's a great side dish, especially with steamed fish or tofu.

It could be a pot of ayam or babi buah keluak, usually ayam since the friends and relatives know that the house doesn't do babi. I don't bother with the meat. Just give me those black nuts and its gravy. Perfect with quinoa or brown rice. Preciousssssss black gold.

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