Saturday, March 05, 2016

This Is Probably My Mid-Life Crisis...

I'm not like... training for a climb or anything. Definitely NOT DOING A RUN. But I want to get even stronger this year before my physical body deteriorates and I'm forced to accept it. Need to maintain muscle mass, flexibility and bone density.

Was shopping around for new options. Enjoyed barre classes so much in Seattle that I thought about doing it in Singapore. After looking at options, naaah. NOPE, NO YOGA FOR ME. Just...NO. Same goes for CrossFit as well. Love how Virgin Active looks, but I'm super lazy and won't bother with the machines.

90 minutes of workouts daily. Yup. Easily done. I literally live in dri-fit clothes now. As much as I'm skeptical about leggings, gotta admit that leggings are pretty convenient and absolutely practical! The stitching is sturdy too, withstanding deep stretches and speed. The fitness routine these few months looks like this:

  • 10 intermediate sessions of 'fake' rock-climbing. I've been simply scrambling up the most coherent routes. Not a clean-enough climber. Need to learn all those terms of 'mantling', 'back-stepping' and 'smearing'. 
  • 10 classes of close combat. Okay lah, it's self-defense classes in another style 
  • 6 weeks of judo sparring sessions. Something I do every year lah. Need an outlet to express violent tendencies politely. Hahahahaha.

So swimming those laps and going for structured sessions of pilates are more essential than ever to keep me injury-free. The pilates studio is still my best friend. Pilates won't help you lose weight in a jiffy. Unless you fit in that session with a HIIT workout or what they term as 'power pilates', and moderate your diet. Pilates is intended to complement your regular exercise routine. When done right, pilates should feel as awesome as a good sports massage. :P I'm not looking at losing weight now. I'm looking staying injury-free by working on strengthening specific muscle groups and the core for all the random activities. My major project of coming down from 62kg in 2008 and 2009 is done. No interest in gaining that back ever.

I eat all my words about planks and planking. The new pilates instructor has devised really evil variations of planks that kills me. Part of pilates is getting the posture right. By shifting about, it's already utilizing the core and expending my strength. By the end of the first session, she realized that my weak spots are thighs. :( My next two sessions with her somehow included new movements, and I was aching in my glutes and quads for a week. o.O She had no sympathy and continued to work those areas. She's probably going to work me harder. Eiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Unknown said...

Woot woot! It all sounds awesomely painful and satisfying.

Been aspiring to get stronger this year too, and you're always a great inspiration. Go Impy! ;)

- bmuse

imp said...

we must encourage each other! i think i slacked off quite a lot last year when you were super on at dance classes. Hahaha. So now must make it up.

^cherie said...

I'm going all out this year too. Hopefully to see some progress very soon. Put on like crazyyyy many kgs over the years. Ughhhh!

imp said...

S: HELLOOOoooOOO. Awww, work those flab off then! Am sure you will!