Friday, March 25, 2016

Treating Athlete's Foot

[Update: April 2016 Finally went to the doctor's. It's eczema. Not athlete's foot. DOHHH.] 

Bit pissed off. Dunno where I picked up a bad outbreak of athlete's foot. Very recent. Wonder which fucker is so inconsiderate. (Probably from the nail salon or foot reflexology center.) It has been a good two decades since I last had it. And I'm so particular about hygiene. ROARRR. It could be an idiot who thoughtlessly visited the pilates studio, swimming pool or climbing gym while incubating the fungus. Sianz. Annoyed that I have to stop swimming during this period.

While sorting out the two toes on the left foot, I finally decided to also do something about the fungus that has insidiously crept into the permanently injured big toenail on the right foot. Luckily the other toenails are fine through the years. That toenail has onychomycosis. The girlfriend took one look at the thickened toenail, rolled her eyes and scolded me. She knows that this toenail has bothered me for years. She especially emphasized that when the toenail fungus is at this stage of an easily treatable DLSO, I'd better do something beyond flooding it with tea tree oil. Otherwise, it will develop into total dystrophic onychomycosis. ARRRRRRGH! *screams* 

Made the mistake of letting the fungus induce blisters because I didn't catch the itch or scaly skin. I've no intention of letting the fungus progress any further. Don't want oral treatment or resorting to surgically removing the nail. There aren't lesions or secondary infection, so grabbing over-the-counter meds like Lamisil and slow-acting Loceryl nail lacquer would do. Doused anti-fungal powder and slipped on socks each time I step into the friends' homes. I was this close to also mopping their floors when I left. First thing I did was to announce it at home and check everyone's feet. Theirs were clear. I made them smear on anti-fungal cream and powder for three days as a preventive measure.

Spent the last two weeks eradicating fungus. It's sure as hell stubborn. Gotta disinfect every thing the toes have touched. At least it's now contained and healing. The medication continues for eight weeks, with the additional steps of swiping antiseptic on the feet. Apparently showering and drying feet don't cut it anymore. Gotta learn to watch out for that weird itch between the toes and nip it before it blossoms into horrible blisters like this round.

Being extra OCD and cautious about hygiene. Do not want the other toes, fingernails and fingers to get the infection. Even had nightmares of mushrooms and toadstools sprouting on my toes! Wtf.

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