Tuesday, April 19, 2016

At A Boutique Gym

Em puffing her way through a mountain climber + dunno what reps.

Followed Em to her long-time gym. It's a boutique gym that's pretty well equipped with a few machines and weights. I hadn't stepped into one and was curious about it. Wanted to know what personal trainers at gyms do. But it's unlikely that I would sign up for it because I prefer pilates. The girlfriend said "No problem. Just come play." Off we went.

Small gyms scare me. Poked my head into a few and the stuff they were doing weren't attractive. Things like circuit and cardio, and a modified versions of CrossFit. Too fierce. Made it clear that I wasn't keen on cardio things. Of course the trainer made it easy for me. The heart rate went up, but I wasn't even flushed. I only stepped on the elliptical machine, swung around a kettle bell, pulled at a TRX-like suspension frame, and that's pretty much it. A short 35-minute or so introductory session. Then I amused myself by grabbing photos of the girlfriend. Woohooo.

I can't really eat much after a work-out, no matter how heavy. This was an easy thing. Just some weights and resistance. Not much cardio. Literally no sweat. Didn't feel like sad salads at this late hour. Em didn't feel like heavy carbs either. So I crashed her home for dinner.

Teochew png kueh (潮州饭桃, glutinous rice cakes) for dinner! The precious batch of png kueh was handmade by her childhood nanny. Ooh. Haven't had that for a while. If the colors look strange, blame her dining room light. And the png kueh looks brown because it was pan-fried, just for a different texture to the usual steamed. The helper also stir-fried French beans, and prepped a super welcoming cold drink of barley ginkgo nuts and snow fungus. It was a very satisfying dinner. The randomness. Hehehe.


D said...

such a nice treat after the workout. it made me crave for the barley drink too after reading your post. haha

D said...

by the way, love (& envious of) your biceps! (in older post, when you were at Virgin Fitness). :)

imp said...

It's so ridiculously hot these days that every cup of liquid gotta be cold!

Oof. :) I gotta be mindful not to bulk them up too much or else when I slack off, they'll droop to become flab.