Friday, May 06, 2016

Kvelertak & Torche

Each time I head to a metal gig, I'm almost always surprised at how civilized it is. Hahaha. Tattoos are par for course. The band wears pretty normal clothes and almost no make-up. It's probably how the idea of 'metal' has evolved through the years. Or rather, I prefer the more goth and dark types. Was quite thrilled to catch Norwegian heavy metal band Kvelertak, and hear Miami sludge band Torche.

It was my first time watching Torche. They were really good! I don't know enough of the band's music and how its music has shifted along with the acrimonious departure of its guitarist Juan Montonya in 2008. It was only in 2011 when Andrew Elstner joined them and they began working on their new albums. Beyond 2012's 'Harmonicraft' and new album 2015's 'Restarter'. I'm still not too familiar with their earlier albums. Heh. Gotta do more homework!

The show also had supporting bands Wild Throne and Serial Hawk. Caught the last song of the former but totally missed the latter. The violent May Day anti-capitalist demonstration that began at 6pm in town kinda passed through our walking route to venue El Corazon. Haizzz. This wasn't the peaceful 2.30pm rally and a demarcated march route. The 6pm demonstration was separate; protestors called themselves 'anarchists' and seem to come armed with Molotov cocktails, rocks and poles, and even cans of pasta sauce. Last year they smashed up Capitol Hill. This year, the Seattle Police Department was better prepared, armed with many cameras, and had decent strategy to make the protestors go where they wanted them, minimizing damage to property and perhaps human injuries.

I missed Kvelertak when they played in Singapore in 2012 at the old Hood Bar when it was at Keong Saik Road. Saw videos of the band when they spilled out of the club and on to the road. Woohoo. What fun! That didn't happen tonight. But there was so much energy sizzling on stage. As usual, singer Erlend Hjelvik wore his flashing-lights owl mask and ditched his tee after the first song.

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