Sunday, May 08, 2016

Motion City Soundtrack :: So Long, Farewell

Realized that Motion City Soundtrack has embarked on their "So Long, Farewell" tour, stopping in Portland first, then Seattle. The last one ever, they said. It's been 19 good years, my gosh. I grew up with their music. Of course we had to catch its Seattle show.

It was a packed venue at The Showbox, even for the two supporting bands- Microwave from Atlanta and The Spill Canvas from South Dakota. Happy to have heard both bands. Friends who have lived in Minnesota are fans of The Spill Canvas, and said they're really good. I've heard the band on the stereo but not seen them live. Tonight I knew why—They were hilarious. Good old alternative rock. Very enjoyable.

Motion City Soundtrack (MCS) came on stage just as the timetable indicated- 9.50pm. I liked that very much. Good old rock music. I must be getting old. All the bands I really like, are all these bands I grew up with. Loads of memories. Then again, I've never liked bubblegum pop.

Lots of dancing and easy moshing. Saw a bra thrown. Hahaha. It was super nostalgic lah. It's crazy hot in the area in front of the stage. I wisely stuck to the back where the bar was. We couldn't bring drinks out of it anyway. It's on an elevated platform, so I could get a decent view too. People don't usually wear the band's tees to their show, but this is a farewell gig, so there were plenty of old MCS tees and hoodies proudly worn.

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