Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Bellevue

I've never tried Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in US or Singapore. Had to google to find out why it has been named as such, apparently you gotta trace it all the way from four decades ago in New Orleans. I didn't mind one meal of steak. All the beef quota for the quarter would be given to this meal that turned out good. Went to the quieter outlet at Bellevue.

Had fresh broccoli that was simply steamed, a perfect foil to all the salt and butter, and heavy meats. There was no way I could squeeze in a lobster mac and cheese. Settled for a just-as-pleasing creamy garlic mashed potatoes. Wondered why the fire-roasted corn sautéed in butter and topped with salsa verde cost US$10. Beamed when it arrived. The kernels were already off the cob. Fantastic. A nice big bowl!

I've no interest in its USDA marbled ribeye, or striploin, as good as it sounds. I can't deal with marbling. I don't even mind my steak a little dry if the cut is lean. Took a petite 8oz fillet. It's a lean cut of midwestern beef. Perfectly done medium. Added a side of crunchy lobster tail to the meat. Gorgeous.

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