Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sizzle Pie Comes To Town!

Portland's Sizzle Pie is in town and the man couldn't be more excited about it! It's pizza. Zzzz. The Portland-based friends have raved about how fabulous it is and sent photos of their food. The flavors sound fun, but hey, it's STILL PIZZA. Zzzzzzz. Trudged up the Hill to check out Seattle's Sizzle Pie.

'Death to false pizza!' The man simply likes Sizzle Pie's idea of music, metal, hip, beer, pizza and beer. Hahaha. He chose 'Rudimentary Penne' of vodka cream sauce, roasted garlic, goat cheese and fresh basil. He took a huge slice of 'Karp' with kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, ricotta and house red sauce with creamy roasted red pepper pepita spread. He proclaimed them all delicious. He wanted to try them all, but well... there was another tiny cut of chorizo-something he managed to stuff into the stomach.

Grinned at a pie named 'It's Always Sunny In Portland'. Taking a dig at Seattle are we! I wasn't hungry. One slice was more than sufficient for lunch. Some great options on the shelves. Picked a vegan slice of 'Nectar Sector' which was full of creamy roasted red pepper pepita spread, mandarin oranges, baco bits, tofu cheese, a Thai sweet chili spiral and fresh Arugula. Love it. Gotta admit- the dough is great, one of the good ones. Nothing in Singapore comes close. Sigh. Maybe the ones at La Pizzaiola at Jalan Riang for the now, which even provides surprisingly spicy chilli flakes.

OH. I have come to prefer vegan pizzas. I hate to say this, but pizza tastes so much better without cheese. Really. LOL. It's probably healthier too. *cue horrified shrieks from the friends*

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