Tuesday, May 03, 2016

So Beach Slang Played In Seattle

After all that drama onstage in Salt Lake City about a possible break-up, and missing Idaho's show, Beach Slang decided to fulfill their Seattle gig. It was really 42-year-old frontman James Alex's angst. We get it. It's a painful lonely road for bands struggling to find that balance between doing what they love and making ends meet. :(

The man and the friends were super relieved and enthusiastic about Philadelphia punk rock band Beach Slang. Me, less so. Got dragged along to the gig anyway. Between drinks and dinner, we caught snippets of supporting bands Hannah Racecar, then Dyke Drama, and Potty Mouth.

What a refreshing venue this is. Small but could hold up to 350 people, The Vera Project holds events for all ages, and that means no booze sold on premises. Gigs start earlier at 7.30pm and end before midnight even on weekends instead of the usual 1am at many show venues.

Beach Slang put on a good show. Nothing crappy about their music. I thought the vibes between the band felt all new-ish and wounded. Like a band getting their act together after a big fight; as though they'll decide whether to break up for real after this tour. 50 dates all the way till September in US, Canada and Europe. That's how it is. Bands commit months to touring and it does take a toll. It can be tough to get up and put on the stage persona. Meltdowns are inevitable.

All the best, Beach Slang. We appreciate what you do. To happy things.

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