Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Spotted the small bitter gourds (山苦瓜) at the vegetables stall at Tekka Market. BUY! I wanted to eat them, courtesy of a craving induced from reading a book. While it wouldn't be cooked with salted duck eggs (山苦瓜炒鹹鴨蛋黃), it would be stir-fried with salted fish and eggs (山苦瓜炒蛋與鹹魚).

I wouldn't normally cook this dish for guests. There's a certain brackishness that people might not appreciate. Well, it is bitter after all. Not a vegetable to be attempted raw. I don't quite like bitter gourds in soup. I like the full strong flavors upfront in a stir-fry.

Sliced them up. They were a bit thicker than preferred. Oh well. My knife skills aren't competent. Had to be careful not to overcook it. Mushy bitter gourds are quite gross. Coupled with generous squares of salted fish and sweet eggs, that bitter-savory bite of the cooked slices of gourds was fantastic. Simply sprinkle sea salt flakes and grind up pepper bits upon serving.

Added quinoa and bulgar as a side. Needed some carbs. I was hungry after a looong afternoon swim. That was sufficient for a happy one-dish meal. Woot. Not for the fainthearted. Not many would term this mixture as delicious. Haha! Satisfaction level was through the roof. The sliced chilli padi was ace. #impieCooks2016

Don't ask me why I'm cooking so often. I've got moods. I'm in a rut of restaurant-fatigue. Even hawker center chwee kueh indulgences aren't helping. Haven't found a good and convenient nasi padang stall as default yet. Luckily for good som tam available at Golden Mile Complex. Right now, it's preferable to cook my own meals, crash at the friends' dining tables or stick to yoghurt and granola. :P


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