Friday, June 10, 2016

V's Birthday!

I'm a derelict friend. Didn't do anything fun or fancy for V's birthday! Didn't prep any cake with candles! Randomly had a days-in-advance dinner with her at Afterglow that uhh might be considered as a quarter of a birthday gift somewhat. I do see her rather regularly. So while the meal at Afterglow was clean, delicious and lovely, it's like...not really counted. :P

Luckily I managed to grab her for a quick coffee one afternoon too. Then after we were done browsing at the bookshop, I made her sit in a bright pink kiddy ride for photos. She obliged. TOOK MANY PHOTOS. I could blackmail her forever with these photos taken of her perched in the Hello Kitty car. Hahahaha. At least, I didn't sneak a coin into the machine. Imagine how that would look on video! o.O

Happy Birthday V! Never lose that sparkle of mischief!

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