Sunday, July 17, 2016


Upon landing, there were plenty of emails to clear and calls to make. Glad the hotel gave us the room early and we could settle in quickly to attend to administrative details and logistics. This trip into Bangkok, given our schedules, staying in Thong Lo made more sense.

Cackled like crazy when I realized Supanniga Eating Room (ห้องทานข้าวสุพรรณิการ์) is just 100m from the hotel. They even do delivery to the hotel, i.e. room service with a limited menu. Hahaha. No excuses not to check it out since L suggested that it's a fairly decent and casual eatery on this stretch of ThongLo/Sukhumvit Soi 55. A quick fuss-free lunch was needed!

Supanniga's supposedly good beef shank salad (yum neua lai, ยำเนื้อลาย) was disappointing. It also strangely didn't offer any type of som tam. Yeah, I asked, twice. Rather odd for what is touted as a Khon Kaen (Trat) restaurant. But its other cooked dishes were great. No complaints about the fried rice. I think its stews and curries are definitely the stars. The spicy fish stew (gaeng pa or jungle curry, แกงป่า) and crab meat curry were amazing.

The man gave in to a dessert of durian and sticky rice. Hahaha. The durian wasn't the best since whatever considered 'best' is subjective; everyone has a preferred type of durian and an ideal of 'best'. But that rice and coconut milk were spot on beautiful. Although this bowl wasn't aromatically pungent, I still wrinkled my nose at it.

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