Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bye Bangkok!

No one's gonna hurl stones at me for airport privileges. After all I'm no Minister, politician or anyone significant whose private expenditure is a matter of public interest and scrutiny. :P However, it is very nice to be able to queue at stations with shorter lines at many airports.

Trips to Bangkok are always fun. I know the city well, yet I'm still a stranger. There's always something new to discover about it. I can either hang out downtown and avoid the big malls or stay in the suburbs to check out the food, or get out to its surrounding towns and markets for a slower urban pace.

There're hundreds of reasons to be in the city at any one time. Most of all, it's to catch up with friends near and dear who live in the city or who happen to be flying through or simply in town on business for a few days. This trip, I even had time to pop into the pilates studio thrice.

Byeeeeee Bangkok. I never know when I'm coming over, but it's never a hassle to hop in at short notice. That's the best part of being a 2.5-hr flight away. See ya in a few months or next year. Don't let the streets break out into violence in August.

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