Friday, July 08, 2016

Chunky Fish Chowder

The weather's been crazy hot. But at least the haze is kept at bay. Certainly not feeling like steamboat or hotpot in this weather. But oddly, I felt like having fish chowder for dinner. The type with a wee bit of cream and milk. The type that goes perfectly with bread and that would suffice for a light meal. Could be really filling too when taken with bread.

Not about to satisfy fish chowder cravings at a restaurant. I'd cook it; it isn't difficult. Once my meetings were done for the day, I stopped by the supermarket for fish bones and two thick fillets, and five large prawns and eight scallops. Didn't buy much. I wasn't expecting guests, except a girlfriend who was dropping off stuff and would have had dinner, and she would simply want to taste the soup, not ingest all of it. The ingredients only needed to produce soup sufficient for four persons, preferably no leftovers. This type of soup doesn't keep well overnight. #impieCooks2016

Soaked the fish bones thoroughly in salt then boiled into stock to simmer and strain. Lots of fennel, leek and celery goodness. Added the potatoes, milk and cream, stirred them all in, then poached the fillets of cod and snapper, and the shellfish in the almost-ready chowder. No pork or bacon used of course. Ta-dahhh, four satisfying bowls of fish chowder.


coboypb said...

After reading this, I decided to have soup for my lunch :)

imp said...

Ha! Hope the soup was filling and satisfying too! It was a rainy morning.