Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Went to Kite for dinner with the friends when we were all zonked after a long day of meetings. None of us have been there. Picked it because our last meetings for the day were in the vicinity and we weren't in a picky mood about food. Hahahaha. The restaurant is more than six months old and ought to have ironed out most kinks. The people behind SPRMRKT founded Kite and put together a team for the bar and the kitchen. Cocktails were good and their choices of beer were fine.

The friends bravely ordered dehydrated chicken skin with bourbon glaze and juniper. Hahahah. The kitchen had thoughtfully rid as much fats as possible and it was delicious. Heh. The somen was fun. I wanted to try its leek and prawns in lupcheong oil, but that was on the old menu. :( What they had that night was somen with scallops, unagi and tobiko. It's difficult to get this wrong. I love these sort of flavors in a bowl. Couldn't resist the sous vide salmon trout at 42°C with seaweed, apples and sesame (which were effectively furikake). Also had the tiny bits of delicious lime sambal stingray with calamansiserundeng and grain foam.

There was a 300-day grain-fed wagyu onglet with bulgogi salsa, burnt corn and shishito peppers. The table didn't mind a wagyu onglet in the same way they don't mind a rump that's wagyu. Erm, I didn't see or taste any shishito peppers in this one. They looked and tasted like random leafy vegetables. A pity. There was a Mangalica pork collar with you tiao velouté and spiced broth. The friends liked it. But I'm not a fan.

The dessert they ordered was damn weird- panna cotta with pink peppercorn, strawberries, coriander and coconut. Totally out of my comfort zone. The friends didn't mind it. t was surprised they didn't order all three desserts on the menu. While the chocolate forest was conservative and likely dependable, the yuzu curd sounded interesting with its milk soil, wolf berries and lime yoghurt.

We didn't have any expectations of the restaurant. Portions are small, but good for sharing between two people. Order double portions for a table of three or four. We were fairly pleased with our meal. It was pretty good in its interpretation of Asian fusion. It's not mind-blowing, but they offer flavors I'd do at home. On nights I don't feel like cooking, dining out at Kite is a great convenient alternative. I hope it survives the cut-throat F&B scene and hang around for a while.

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