Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lobster Laksa at Pince & Pints

Until the girlfriend pointed out that Pince & Pints offers lobster laksa as a menu special for the months of August and September, I didn't even know about it. Off we went for dinner. The restaurant takes reservations now, making it less of a pain to get a table at peak dinner hour. In fact, if you walk in at 9pm before they take last orders, you'll probably get a table for two quite easily.

Lobsters are delicious like that. Done Thermidor or with truffles is quite an overkill. Grilled or steamed is best. The friends ordered theirs done in the simplest ways and had a fun time digging out the flesh. The kitchen cooked both methods beautifully. Good to know that Pince & Pints kept the standards. I like their prices versus quality of food very much.

I went straight for the lobster laksa. It was the only thing on my mind all day. Hahahaha. Dinner was something to look forward to at the end of a looooong day of meetings. Luckily the dish isn't just available at lunch or sold out by the time we ordered. I had a half portion instead of the full crustacean. Mmmm. The sambal wasn't on point, but the stock was properly done, and lobster nicely steamed. Definitely hit a spot. I'm coming back for another bowl of tasty lobster laksa.

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