Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Momo :: 桃

Peaches are still in season in Japan. Mmmm, that delicate subtle sweetness. The season usually ends in September. Bullied the BFF into lugging momo (桃) back from Tokyo for meeeee! She's a darling and agreed to do it if she passes by the fruit stalls on her way to and fro the office. すばらしい!どうもありがとうございます! I don't need the super pricey varieties; I like the normal ones from Okayama which average about ‎¥3000 for four (in Japan).

Set in boxes of four, our peaches were packed with such care, individually wrapped and cushioned. Yet the BFF opted to hand-carry the boxes instead of stuffing them into the checked in luggage. I hand-carried cherries all the way home from Seattle too, so I thought that since peaches are bigger, and if they're packed and squished within the suitcases to prevent minimal movement, they should be fine. The BFF rejected the theory. She said, "They bruise too easily!" True that, same like 'em Rainier and Satonishiki cherries.

Collected my precious momo and zoomed straight home to lovingly place them in the fridge, still in their protective foam netting and all cushioned. Could have waited two days for it to ripen even more. But I love them at this juncture when they're still a wee bit crunchy. Love them with skin at this stage. Don't mind them juicier, but not when they're completely soft and can get a little too sweet for my preferences.


D said...

how lovely of your friend! I love momo too!. And like all fruits, I also dislike them becoming overly sweet, but more so, I can't stand having very ripe SOFT fruits in my mouth. 😁

imp said...

Heh. No soft kiwi for you!