Thursday, August 04, 2016

Stews at Masizzim

W had a craving for spicy Korean food for her birthday meal. Okay, can. She abandoned the kids at home with her parents and snucked out for lunch to gorge on all spicy-goodness. Hehehe. It's always nice to chat with her without the little ones demanding for attention.

We didn't know which Korean restaurant to go to, except to avoid those in the Tanjong Pagar stretch. Korean food isn't high on my to-eat list. :P We ended up at the convenient Masizzim at 313 Somerset. We've no idea if this restaurant is considered authentic or good. But we didn't mind its food. Its sister restaurant next door Chir Chir is part of a chain of Korean fried chicken with plenty of outlets across the island.

Masizzim's banchan is pathetic. Two side dishes of tasteless kimchi and awful mashed potato. At least it doesn't have the shitty army stew. I find no joy in eating from a S$40 pot of soup (for four persons) flavored with gochujang and filled with instant noodles, spam, hotdogs, fishcakes, tofu and cabbage.

Masizzim offers surprisingly good stews of beef short ribs, pork ribs, chicken and seafood. Thank goodness. I wouldn't mind coming back for a random decent meal. We had beef short ribs with level three spiciness, and mixed grain riceballs with anchovies, steamed egg, and a squid and leek pancake. W happily rolled up the rice balls for us. We shared a bowl that gave us three small balls each. If you aren't big on carbs, don't order a rice bowl for each person!

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