Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Thanks for the Free Data, SG51!

Never been so concerned about free local data offered by the telco till today. Hahaha. Because I need to up the CP (combat power) of my Pokémons, gather stardust and candies and evolve them before I release them to fight at the PokéGyms. Hahaha. I literally climbed 10 levels from 0 in eight hours on the day Pokémon GO launched in Singapore.

Yeah I'm one of those idiots armed with a power bank in a backpack walking around town. Driving is a pretty good way to tank up at PokéStops. Or rather, getting a driver who would concentrate on the road. Heeheeeheee. This is why I don't really dare to touch any sort of games nowadays. I can get so obsessed over them. They don't need to be video games. Role-playing boardgames are just as bad. My teenage years were spent in the worlds of DoomHalf-LifeDungeons and Dragons, and whatever popular at the arcade, like Tekken. :P But seriously, watch where you suddenly stop to catch a Pokémon. If you don't use your brains and behave like an asshole while playing the game, then you're probably a jerk to begin with. Darwinism FTW. The game doesn't own you if you don't let it.

I'll be done with evolving the silly Pokémons in three days. Then I'll send them into combat and let some go stay and defend a random PokéGym. I haven't even joined one yet. Hahaha. Been avoiding them. This National Day, I'll be out hunting. Walking 20km a day for to hatch eggs and snag Pokémons is as good an exercise as any. Heh. The other day I literally jogged 10km to hatch two eggs. Thank goodness one is a Pikachu and the other is a Rhyhorn, both XL with a decent CP to begin with. Couldn't stop cackling when I hauled in a Jynx last night in the back alleys around Kandahar Street. Seventh Month leh. I did a double-take before furiously swiping at the phone screen. Uhhh...of course I've leveled up plenty since this screenshot of my avatar. Heeeheeheee.

As much as we love you as a country, you know how we have terribly mixed feelings about you. Regardless, we want you independent, more mature, accepting and dynamic. Happy Birthday Singapore.

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