Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This Toenail is Finally Healing

Applying Loceryl nail lacquer definitely helps to alleviate onychomycosis. It has been five months of conscientiously treating the problematic right big toenail with it, and the nail has begun sticking to the nailbed. The eeky thickened yellow ends are fading and new parts are growing out flat in a healthy pink hue. Whew.

Nobody is interested in my toenails but me. But this is a record of what's going on in my head, so I'm just gonna post scary photos of ugly toenails and feet. Haven't dared to go to a nail salon for months for fear of new infection or leaving horrible spores all over the place to infect others.

Toe nails are always chopped short and bald for very good reasons. Am clumsy. I don't want any bits of nail to be caught on anything. Eeeeps. Nowadays, I don't even bother with varnish on the toenails just so I could stare at them to catch any form of early infection of whatever, and also eczema. This is the healthiest my toenails have ever been, especially the right big toenail. Five more months of treatment should do it. Till I next stub it again, which happens fairly often. Likely gonna get tineacide spray in a low dosage for preventive purposes.


coboypb said...

Hello, toes! :) Glad to see your big toenail recovering well from your TLC.

imp said...

i ignored it for years before finally doing something about it. :p Otherwise i can't wear closed-toe shoes anymore!!!