Thursday, September 08, 2016

Errands with the BFF

Sometimes the BFF and I go for weeks without seeing each other. Of course we communicate loads by text. But nothing beats face-to-face meets and stuff or stealing her house keys to chill out on her couch. Saw the BFF all day. First at lunch and coffee, then for impromptu drinks in the evening. Oof. Just nice. I wanted to pick her brains about random trivia and facts of a few Chinese cities that she's super familiar with.

Had to sort out currency exchange stuff into Chinese yuan. I usually don't mind changing money at the airport, but there's no time to do that this upcoming trip. Gotta do it prior. I never really thought about it till now. But I can't quite differentiate between fake and real RMB100 notes. So the BFF taught me. Superficially I can now identify a real note. Unless it's a damn good counterfeit job. Hurhurhur.

The BFF scared me about trains in China with first-hand horror stories. Dammmmn. More like the passengers are scary lah. I like sitting in trains. (Okay no lame jokes about 'Train to Busan' and the sorts hor.) But I'm terrified of trains in China, which is why I rarely attempt the rail or even the subway. I've got plenty of scary stories of my own to tell too. I hope the organizers bought us the correct train tickets for next week in China. Last I heard, we're on second-class carriages of D trains (动车). Not G trains (高铁) okay. O-MY-天. 😱 It's of no consolation that we'll be traveling during their Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend. *GULP*

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