Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gee Coffee in Shenzhen

Decided to explore the area instead of simply having our meals at the hostel's cafe. Breakfast is only needed for half of us, so the non-breakfast gang strolled out a few minutes down the street and found very decent caffeine at Gee Coffee OCT-LOFT (华侨城创意文化园). That became our default morning routine during the short few days in Shenzhen.

Gee Coffee is a full roastery sharing space with an art studio. Mmm. I liked the space. My long black was fine without being overly acidic. Dunno about its food because I skipped it. The friends said their breakfast sets were okay, but they took ages to arrive. Eggs sunny-side up, bacon, toast, strawberry jam and the sorts. Okay lor, the food looked about similar to what our middling hipster cafes serve.

The cafe also brewed Gene Coffee Ale. The trend lah, bubbling nitrogen into cold brew coffee. The smaller the bubbles, the creamier and thicker it feels down the throat. This is a really good version, and it looked like a Guinness. Of course there isn't alcohol content. It's simply quite the booster in the stifling 34°C afternoons. The girlfriend sent a photo of her real creamy satisfying Guinness in London. DAMN. I wanted to lick the phone's screen.

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