Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Getting The Spices In!

Spices are definitely appreciated between trips to cities where there aren't sambal-anything. Szechuan pepper and whatever numbing peppercorns don't cut it. Yucks. We ate our fill of ikan bilis beehoon goreng and murtabak at the stalls at Simpang Bedok and plenty of happy spices at Komala Vilas.

We had limited time in town but the friends wanted to feed us. Popped in to Pince & Pints to eat my fill of laksa and erm lobsters, again. Dunno if this laksa is going to be around permanently or if it's even popular with diners. I'll eat my fill before they take it off the menu end September. Oddly, we were told that the lobster laksa doesn't come with an option of a full lobster. So we ordered an extra portion of a steamed lobster to top up on proteins. Hurhurhur.

Managed lunch at Violet Oon at Bukit Timah. More spices. Hurrah. Shared the food. The friends aren't sure if they like this version of babi tau yuh. Well, it's randomly pulled pork that sit on a prata of sorts. Lean meat used. Quite cool. While the friends didn't mind it, they were a little taken aback because they were expecting the usual stewed belly meat in dark soy. Hahaha. I was pleasantly surprised that the amount of oil used in the buah keluak noodle (spaghetti) has finally decreased. Or at least, they strained it better now. There wasn't a puddle of oil at the bottom. Yay.

I can live with a long black at most places. But I can't do acidic coffee anymore. I prefer a more rounded and nutty flavor. Honestly, our local coffee works for me like a charm each time. Happy that Violet Oon's offered coffee local style. Took my usual kopi-o-siu-dai! Not going to be in Yunnan. Not very sure I can get satisfying coffee in our stops in China. Must drink my fill now. Hahahah.


Su-Lin said...

Haha! You sound like a camel, need to "stock" up!

imp said...

Yah man, I can't deal without spices in my food!