Thursday, September 22, 2016

Keeping Fit On The Road With Amanda Ling

Screenshots from one morning's video.

Being on the road means we don't have the luxury of a gym, But we can carve out 30 minutes to easily make do with what we have in the room to stretch out. Strength training is easy- there're always gear to carry and stairs to climb. Hahahaha. Plus, we have our very own yoga teacher Amanda Ling dispensing fitness advice daily.

There're instructional videos Amanda sent to our group chat, but I can't be bothered to adjust them to blogspot's specs. Anyway, in one video for the morning (see screenshot above), it's using a face towel, the common sort even hostels provide. Go into plank position, elbows close to the sides of chest to engage triceps, hold, and draw towel into chest with legs using lower abs. Do not cheat. Do not exert quads more than the abs. Repeat 10x. IT WORKS.

Amanda will be hosting a complimentary 'Satori FlowYoga' class on 28 September at 6.30pm at Lululemon Duxton, with instrumental soundscapes from In Each Hand A Cutlass (IEHAC). Wooohooo. I think there're still free slots (as of last night when I took a look). For a preview of the music, here's IEHAC's 'Satori 101' on bandcamp.

Check on Eventbrite to see if this complimentary class is full.


D said...

this exercise is tough for me! haha

i so miss the great food in shanghai. that Jia Jia Tang Bao sounds familiar, but I've forgotten most places in shanghai already.... sigh.

imp said...

If you have an inflatable exercise ball, you can roll it under your armpits at the chest to help with the plank. That will ease the strain if you're starting to do planks, and help you concetrate on working abs and using it to draw in the towel instead of using quads.

Shanghai has changed quite a bit even from the last time I was there!