Saturday, September 10, 2016

Lobster Ee-Fu Noodles

"Come over for dinner," M said. Hurrah. A great alternative to heading out for drinks. Been avoiding hanging out at bars for alcohol. It's always nice to chill out at home. It has been ages since I met M. Haven't seen her since April! Then I went away for a bit and she also hopped out for work trips.

M cooks whenever she's back in town for a bit. She has this thing about clearing out her fridge before long trips. When she has short trips lined up one after another, then she doesn't even bother to stock up the fridge or freezer. Now she's back for the month, she's happily thinking up menus to cook for herself and the friends. She cooks wonderfully.

She promised a one-dish meal and it was fabulous. Tossed up a salad at the side, but the main dish was Cantonese stir-fried lobster ee-fu noodles (龍蝦伊麵). WAAAH. She had the lobster (among other items of seafood and meat) delivered earlier in the day and started food prep then. While the stock was on the stove, she chopped up the lobster and blanched everything. So much effort. I feel less pai-seh because she has a giant dishwasher. But she cooked up the noodles in a giant wok, so I washed that wok instead. Oof. I love lobsters. What a happy meal. Needless to say, it was better than any restaurant's version.

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