Thursday, September 29, 2016

Spices Scored

I get very grouchy without regular doses of spices. My first meal back from a land without many chances to eat spices must include sambal-something. Zipped off to find spices to make the stomach happy again. Need sambal-whatever and sambar, and dhaal. Found them at the very dependable MTR, or Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. Dinner in the form of vanghi bhanth, masala dosa and akki roti with shamless refills of rasam and chutney.

Had enough of the MSG assault in China. Singapore has spoilt me in many areas that I don't want to eat the same cuisines or foods for each meal. There's a huge range of choices of food in every suburb. Tried to keep the meals vegetarian or fairly light for the week. Had a productive meeting at UTown, and lunch at Fishball Story was perfect. Cackled when I was at Real Food and ordered steamed dumplings without much thought. Like I haven't had enough dumplings in China. Oh well, Real Food's vegetarian dumplings are great with their homemade chilli paste. Ate them up anyway. A hearty salad type of meal at Ninja Bowl and NUDE Seafood works best. Yeah, there was a strawberry shortcake at coffee with J. Not the super favorite one from Henri Charpentier, but three forkfuls of this from Flor Patisserie would do.

Then there was an impromptu homecooked treat at the friends' in the form of a wonderful meal full of flavors. Mmmm. Fish curry, sambal ikan bilis, pumpkin curry, chicken stew and chicken curry. And homemade yoghurt. WAAAAH. Happiness. So glad the friends allowed us to shamelessly crash their dining table. :P

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