Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Norlan Glass

My Norlan glasses finally arrived!!! We've always made do with those cut-crystal whisky glasses and tasting tumblers. Saw the Norlan glass float around Kickstarter last year, backed it and bought extras and couldn't wait for it to be in production and get here. Their Kickstarter video is so well-made. Kickstarter is such a wonderful marketplace. Heh.

The glasses were compactly packed in pairs into into tubes like this, pictured left, and paper-bolstered within its mailing parcel. No chips, no cracks. It's a double-walled hand-blown borosilicate glass. At 125g, it's light, and doesn't feel too delicate. Yay. It's a little tough to wash thin-walled glasses that might crack and chip at a slightly heavier than usual pressure, even when hand-washed. Many nosing glasses suffer from that.

That faceted base and curved inner bowl delivery definitely helped with aeration and diffuse the aroma of the whisky without compromising. It doesn't feel as 'flat' as the usual nosing glasses. I could be imagining it, but as a glass, this is certainly a beautiful vessel for whisky. Is it worth the hype? Well, it's not magical. But it certainly fits my needs. I like it fine.

Used it for the first time with a familiar favorite- the Bowmore port-matured 16y.o. Poured out hefty drams into the Norlan glasses. Threw an ice-cube in mine after the first few sips. This is such a glorious form of dessert. Had a lovely dinner with the friends earlier at Odette and we adjourned home with them for a nightcap. No 3am shenanigans at the bars. One drink and great conversation.

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