Friday, October 14, 2016

A Good Pint Of Guinness Back On Claymore

Yes, Jonathan Larson's 1996 'RENT' staged by Pangdemonium is well produced and directed. Its themes of LGBTQ identities, acceptance, living with HIV, and struggling with bills and rent are still terribly relevant today. BUT, it's still a musical. And also, I'd watched the Broadway original with Idina Menzel as a fabulous Maureen. I don't care for musicals, so I don't bother to remember any songs. In fact, I had forgotten how RENT ended, until after the intermission. :P

Needed a drink after the show. There was this craving for Guinness. To us, there're only two pubs in town that pull a decent pint of Guinness. On tap of course. Molly Malone's and Muddy Murphy's. Even then, their pulls are nowhere near the creamy awesomeness of those in UK. Sigh.

The stage is now less cramped for musicians; the slightly bigger space means patrons don't have to suffer too much noise bouncing off everything else while fighting to hear convos above the music and general chatter. We popped in at 11pm, and it was thankfully empty. Hurrah! This was after all the boisterous 'homecoming' parties. Never felt fully comfortable when Muddy Murphy's was at TripleOne Somerset. It was stuffy and had tons of awkward corners. Good to have the pub back on Claymore. Feels right at home. What a pleasant nightcap.

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