Friday, October 21, 2016

DOMVS by Gabriel Fratini

[The restaurant has closed as of August 2018.]

I'm pretty glad DOMVS has stayed in existence at Sheraton Hotel, serving up good food all these years. I have a soft spot for it. Now that it has come full circle with Chef Gabriel Fratini at helm again, of course I have to schedule a few meals at the restaurant.

The current menu at DOMVS isn't fixed. It completely depends on what the chef found at the market that morning. There aren't any printed sheets for food or drinks. For champagne and wine, take a stroll around the restaurant At a really reasonable S$128++ per person for a six-to-eight-course dinner, I can't complain! Tonight, the man and I had no dietary preferences (I took an antihistamine pill!) and left it to Chef Gabriel to decide our dinner specifics. I spied a table with spaghetti as their pasta, so I gotta return to try it!

We had eight courses for dinner, including an amuse bouche and a dessert platter. The trio of appetizers held cured tuna and salmon. But that felt...forced. If it's pesce crudo, I'm partial to cured hamachi (or kingfish) rather than tuna tataki or salmon-whatever. So no, the appetizers didn't work for me. Not with shredded foie gras in the mix. I'm undecided about burrata sitting atop a scallop too.

I appreciated the grilled octopus with avocado and braised beef cheek with cannellini beans. Fish was dependably good in the sense that it was beautifully cooked. The seabass was firm and fresh, and was very enjoyable with sprouts and corn. That is exactly how I want my fish to be, consistently gorgeous, every time. :)

The man was completely bowed over by the osso bucco ravioli that came with a little segment of marrow. He unceremoniously ditched the utensils and managed to get all the marrow out with his fingers. Hahaha. Then there were grilled lamb chops with polenta. A total winner too. Perfectly medium and full of flavors.

While I'm still not a fan of wine, I'll drink it on some days. It all depends on the mood. I have a few trusty favorites across the regions, old world and new. They tend to be all-cherries, deep, dark and plum full-bodied reds. Easy to drink. I'm particularly fond of Italian reds from Bolgheri. Next to Tenuta San Guido (which produces Sassicaia), I also like Tenuta dell'Ornellaia very much. At dinner tonight, the 2006 Ornellaia appealed over the only year of Sassicaia (2011) the cellar currently had. I was hoping for a 2009 Sassicaia. Oh well. The 2006 Ornellaia is now 10 years old and would have matured well. It accompanied the meal beautifully.

Another 18th of October passed, joyfully and quietly. In this manner, we marked another year of marriage. 

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