Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Morrissey Again

When I looked at the dates of Morrissey's tour for a reason why he shifted the Singapore date from 15th to 17th, I realized that Bangkok's 18th is cancelled and he probably doesn't want/need to stay in Singapore so long till his next show in Melbourne on the 22nd. WIN LOR.

I haven't forgotten how annoying the last Morrissey show was. Dunno why I allowed myself to be dragged out to this one. I was like...why you bother coming again, Morrissey?!! Do you aspire to be like Air Supply or Rachael Yamagata?! He did request for a meat-free venue from organizers and the audience, and trust him to also screen a video of what goes on at slaughter-houses, finishing with a giant caption on screen- "What's Your Excuse? Meat is Murder".

Doubt Morrissey has forgotten about the crazy Singapore humidity at Fort Canning, but a stage this time atop the Green Roof of Marina Barrage brought a steady breeze and a better view. He still changed three shirts. Hahaha. Same count as the previous time in Singapore. This time, we had pints of a refreshing golden ale of sorts in 'Heaven Knows I Miss-An-Ale Now', a Manchester-style beer brewed by Archipelago Brewery specially for Morrissey and tonight's gig-goers. Neither the man nor I bought a S$50 tour tee or a S$25 shopping tote. Hurhurhur.

I'll say it again, Morrissey isn't the The Smiths. However, this round, I found him less irritating on stage. It could also be due to the fact that he only made the audience wait for 30 minutes and began the show at 8.30pm. The organizers did say that the show would begin at 8pm. We turned up at 8.15pm. Hahaha. The man was happy because he hasn't seen Morrissey live till tonight. Well, none of us have seen The Smiths since they broke up in 1987 when we were way too young to be out gallivanting at gigs anywhere.

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